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  • Namenda Hits NYAG Lawsuit
    Report on the controversy surrounding an antitrust lawsuit filed by New York's Attorney General against Actavis over its sales strategy for Alzheimer's drug Namenda.
    CNBC · 2014-09-16 · 初级
  • Enterovirus D68 & Ebola Plan
    Report on top healthcare stories, including President Barack Obama's strategy for combating Ebola virus, and the recent news on Enterovirus D68.
    CNBC · 2014-09-16 · 初级
  • Obama Pegs Low Ebola Risk
    President Barack Obama seeks to reassure the American public that the possibility of an Ebola outbreak in the United States is extremely low.
    NBC · 2014-09-16 · 初级
  • Calming Alzheimer's Agitation
    Interview with Avanir Pharma CEO Keith Katkin after the company said its drug AVP-923 demonstrated superior efficacy in reducing agitation associated with Alzheimer's.
    CNBC · 2014-09-15 · 初-中级
  • Lofty Blood Sugar Pummels U.S.
    Interview with Diabetes Center Director Dr. David Nathan about preventing high blood sugar levels, with 1/3 of Americans over 20 are pre-diabetic and 29 million already have diabetes.
    PBS · 2014-09-15 · 初级
  • Obama Ramps Up Ebola Fight
    News report on President Barack Obama unveiling his plan to ramp up efforts against the spread of the Ebola virus in Africa.
    VOA · 2014-09-15 · 初级
  • Orexigen Diet Pill Clears FDA
    Analysts debate the reason Orexigen's stock declined, despite FDA approval of its new anti-obesity pill.
    CNBC · 2014-09-12 · 初级
  • Rare Respiratory Virus Affecting Kids
    A respiratory virus has infected hundreds of children in the U.S., sending them to emergency rooms across the country. The rare strain causes asthma-like symptoms and can exacerbate the disease. Jeffrey Brown learns mo
    PBS · 2014-09-10 · 中级
  • Bristol & Ono Winning Patent Fight
    Bristol & Ono Winning Patent Fight (CNBC)
    · 2014-09-08 · 中级
  • Sierra Leone Institutes Lockdown
    Sierra Leone's Information Minister explains why the government has instituted a countrywide lockdown to combat the further spread of Ebola.
    CNN · 2014-09-06 · 初级
  • Congo Tracing Ebola Contacts
    The Democratic Republic of Congo's Health Minister declared that the Ebola outbreak is "contained in the remote Jera region of Équateur province," far from the capital Kinshasa.
    CNN · 2014-09-05 · 中级
  • Painkillers Without Addiction
    Interview with BioDelivery Sciences CEO Dr. Mark Sirgo, who is seeking FDA approval for his company's BEMA buprenorphine painkiller.
    CNBC · 2014-09-04 · 初级
  • Federal Tax Credits Questioned
    Report on an appeals court decision to re-hear cases on the invalidated subsidies within the Affordable Care Act.
    CNBC · 2014-09-04 · 初级
  • Wearable Glucose Monitor Nears
    DexCom CEO Terry Gregg discusses possible innovative partnerships with Apple and Samsung for revolutionary wearable glucose monitoring devices.
    CNBC · 2014-09-04 · 初级
  • Chicken Processor Cuts Antibiotics
    Privately-owned Perdue Farms is addressing consumer concerns by eliminating antibiotics from most of its processed chickens.
    ABC · 2014-09-04 · 初级
  • Hospitals Medicaid Cost Disparity
    Discussion on the disparity in hospital costs between facilities in states that have or have not expanded Medicaid under Obamacare.
    CNBC · 2014-09-03 · 初级
  • Infinity/AbbVie Blood Cancer Link
    Infinity CEO Adelene Perkins explains the significance of a $275 million upfront payment from AbbVie as part of a new blood cancer venture.
    CNBC · 2014-09-03 · 初级
  • Post-Lipitor PCSK9 Inhibitors
    PCSK9 inhibitors developed by Amgen and Regeneron are paving the road to a post-Lipitor cholesterol-lowering landscape.
    CNBC · 2014-09-03 · 初级
  • WHO Coordinating Ebola Fight
    The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that more than 1,900 people have died from the Ebola virus raging in three West African countries.
    VOA · 2014-09-03 · 初级
  • Novartis LCZ696 Shifts Reality
    Report on a new Novartis heart disease treatment that seeks to replace so-called "ACE inhibitors" as the standard treatment.
    Bloomberg · 2014-09-02 · 初级
  • Interviewing African Ebola Survivor
    Interview with American Dr. Kent Brantly, who contracted Ebola while attending patients in Liberia.
    NBC · 2014-09-02 · 初级
  • Regeneron Chasing $10b Prize
    Amgen and Regeneron are both working on experimental cholesterol medicines that could represent $10 billion opportunities, pending FDA approval.
    CNBC · 2014-09-02 · 初级
  • Why Is Ebola Hard to Contain?
    Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has charged that efforts to curtail the West African Ebola outbreak have unintentionally made the situation worse.
    PBS · 2014-09-02 · 高级
  • Regeneron LDL Drug Race
    Regeneron CEO Leonard Schleifer discusses the current understanding of LDL cholesterol and competition in that treatment space.
    CNBC · 2014-09-02 · 初级
  • Promising Congestive Heart Drug
    Report on a new drug that physicians believe could represent a breakthrough in treating congestive heart failure.
    ABC · 2014-09-01 · 初级
  • Novartis Shakes CVD Paradigm
    Discussion related to the promising results demonstrated to Novartis' experimental heart drug "LCZ696", which substantially prolongs patient lives.
    PBS · 2014-08-31 · 中级
  • Ebola Vaccine Trials Slated Q1'15
    A U.S. health agency is speeding up clinical trials of a possible vaccine against the deadly Ebola virus that so far has killed more than 1,500 people in West Africa.
    VOA · 2014-08-30 · 初级
  • Promising New Ebola Vaccine
    A possible Ebola vaccine is fast-tracked for human trials as the epidemic continues to spread in West Africa.
    NBC · 2014-08-29 · 初级
  • Look Inside Ebola Triage Unit
    Report from an Ebola triage ward in West Africa, where infected patients are segregated and wait for treatment.
    ABC · 2014-08-29 · 初级
  • NIH Ebola Vaccine Trial Kickoff
    The National Institutes of Health is launching early-stage trials of an Ebola vaccine to fight a virus that has infected or killed thousands across West Africa.
    VOA · 2014-08-28 · 初级