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  • Family Physician Personal Stories
    FDA is calling attention to a study called 'Family Physicians' Personal Experiences of Their Fathers' Health Care'.
    FDA · 2002-03-01 · 初级
  • Reducing CT Radiation Risk
    The FDA has advised radiologists and hospital risk managers to keep radiation doses during CT procedures as low as possible.
    FDA · 2002-03-01 · 初级
  • More Gas Mix-Up Fatalities
    Follow-up to a story on medical gas mix-ups in which deaths and injuries occurred when patients were accidentally given the wrong gas.
    FDA · 2002-03-01 · 初级
  • Human Error in Perspective
    The FDA is spotlighting the "patient safety movement" and reports on the large estimate of patient deaths due to medical error.
    FDA · 2002-03-01 · 初级
  • Biventricular Pacing System Praised
    FDA recently approved a pacemaker that can treat some of the symptoms of moderate-to-severe congestive heart failure.
    FDA · 2002-03-01 · 初级
  • Bypass Graft Device Cleared
    The FDA has cleared a device designed to prevent complications when angioplasty or stenting is done in coronary saphenous vein bypass grafts.
    FDA · 2002-02-01 · 初级
  • Medical Gas Mix-Up Deaths
    The FDA issued a warning about patient injuries and deaths from mix-ups with medical gases that come in cryogenic containers.
    FDA · 2002-02-01 · 初级
  • FDA Seeking Expert Advisors
    The FDA is looking for experts to serve on advisory committees to provide independent scientific and medical advice.
    FDA · 2002-02-01 · 初级
  • Important MRI Room Precautions
    FDA is warning about the danger of metal objects that can magnetize and become deadly projectiles when near an MRI machine.
    FDA · 2002-02-01 · 初级
  • Ethical Issues in Whistleblowing
    The FDA is calling attention to an editorial in The Journal of the American Medical Association entitled "Ethical Issues in Whistleblowing".
    FDA · 2002-02-01 · 初级
  • Baxter Yanks Althane Dialyzers
    Baxter Healthcare has recalled certain dialyzers that may have been involved in over 50 patient deaths in various countries.
    FDA · 2002-02-01 · 初级
  • Novel Glucowatch Strapped
    The FDA has approved the Glucowatch Biographer, a device designed to periodically monitor glucose levels in diabetic patients.
    FDA · 2002-02-01 · 初级
  • External Defibrillator Pediatric Usage
    The FDA has cleared an external defibrillator system with a special pad that's designed to be used on infants and young children.
    FDA · 2002-02-01 · 初级
  • Safe Central Venous Catheter Use
    FDA is alerting professionals about two potentially serious safety problems when using central venous catheters, or CVCs.
    FDA · 2002-02-01 · 初级