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  • Glucose Meter Boosts Tracking
    FDA recently cleared for marketing two glucose test meters for use in conjunction with hand-held computers.
    FDA · 2002-08-01 · 初级
  • Patient-Controlled Analgesia Risk
    ISMP is warning of the potential danger of patient-controlled analgesia, or PCA, if the dose exceeds the amount needed.
    FDA · 2002-08-01 · 中级
  • Combo Cardioverter & Defibrillator
    FDA recently approved a new implantable defibrillator for certain heart failure patients that can also deliver cardiac resynchronization therapy.
    FDA · 2002-07-01 · 初级
  • DEHP Plastic Hazard Assessed
    FDA issued a Public Health Notification informing practitioners about a hazard to patients when using medical devices containing DEHP.
    FDA · 2002-07-01 · 初级
  • Potential Cell Phone Safety Risk
    Discussing the potential risk from radiofrequency energy emitted by cell phones, which might be harmful to human health.
    FDA · 2002-07-01 · 初级
  • Whole-body CT Scan Drawbacks
    FDA is disseminating information related to the use of whole-body CT scanning used to detect disease symptoms early.
    FDA · 2002-07-01 · 初级
  • Diabetes Awareness Campaign
    FDA's Office of Women's Health has recently launched a nationwide campaign called 'Take Time to Care About Diabetes'.
    FDA · 2002-07-01 · 初级
  • Severe Burn Scar Treatment
    FDA recently approved a product to treat severe scars in burn patients by helping the body to regenerate normal dermal tissue.
    FDA · 2002-07-01 · 初级
  • Discussing Medical Device Issues
    FDA's Center for Devices and Radiological Health is looking for people with an interest in medical devices or in radiation-emitting products.
    FDA · 2002-07-01 · 初级
  • Congenital Heart Defect Device
    The FDA has approved two occluders used to treat congenital heart defects by closing an abnormal opening between two chambers of the heart.
    FDA · 2002-06-01 · 初级
  • Vacuum-Assisted Childbirth Risks
    FDA has alerted health professionals to the possibility of serious adverse events after the use of vacuum extractors to assist in childbirth.
    FDA · 2002-06-01 · 初级
  • Parkinson Symptom Bilateral Control
    FDA recently approved the expanded use of an implanted device that's used to control the symptoms of Parkinson's disease.
    FDA · 2002-06-01 · 初级
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulators
    FDA has information about electrical muscle stimulators, devices apparently used to tone the muscles, particularly in the abdomen.
    FDA · 2002-06-01 · 初级
  • Tube and Port Misconnections
    A patient died when his IV tubing was mistakenly connected to the inflation port on the cuff of his tracheostomy tube.
    FDA · 2002-06-01 · 初级
  • Preventing Ventilator Deaths
    JCAHO has summarized their review of a series of deaths and injuries in patients on long-term ventilation.
    FDA · 2002-05-01 · 初级
  • JCAHO "SPEAK UP" Campaign
    JCAHO has kicked off a new campaign that encourages patients to play an active role in their own healthcare.
    FDA · 2002-05-01 · 初级
  • Neurostimulators and Diathermy
    FDA is warning that diathermy treatment can cause dangerous heating for patients with implanted neurostimulators.
    FDA · 2002-05-01 · 初级
  • Ob/Gyn & Surgical Device Recall
    FDA is reporting on a recall of devices labeled as "sterile" or "ethylene oxide-processed" that actually may not have been sterilized.
    FDA · 2002-05-01 · 初级
  • Nitrous Oxide Dental Warning
    FDA is warning patients who receive injections of inert gases to treat retinal tears, then receive nitrous oxide in dental procedures.
    FDA · 2002-05-01 · 初级
  • Biotronik Pacemaker Monitor System
    The FDA has approved a home monitoring system that's used in conjunction with a cardiac pacemaker.
    FDA · 2002-05-01 · 初级
  • Circumcision Clamp Injuries
    FDA is issuing a renewed warning about the possibility of serious injury to patients from circumcision clamps.
    FDA · 2002-05-01 · 初级
  • Olympus Recalls Bronchoscopes
    Olympus is recalling bronchoscopes whose loose biopsy channel port housing can lead to microbial contamination.
    FDA · 2002-04-01 · 初级
  • Burn Patient Wound Dressing
    FDA approved a new burn dressing that is used on the site where healthy skin was removed for grafting to the burn site.
    FDA · 2002-04-01 · 初级
  • Syringe Cap Asphyxiation
    ISMP has issued an alert on choking hazards when hypodermic syringes are used to administer liquid medications by mouth.
    FDA · 2002-04-01 · 初级
  • New Wearable Defibrillator
    FDA recently approved a non-invasive cardioverter/defibrillator that's worn like a vest instead of being implanted.
    FDA · 2002-04-01 · 初级
  • "Sterile" Ob/Gyn Product Recall
    A&A Medical is recalling devices that may be labeled as "sterile" or "ethylene oxide-processed" without actually being so.
    FDA · 2002-04-01 · 初级
  • Hemostasis Injury Prevention
    The FDA has received over 3,000 adverse event reports linked to vascular hemostasis devices, also known as arteriotomy closure devices.
    FDA · 2002-04-01 · 中级
  • Camera Pill Cleared for Marketing
    The FDA has cleared a tiny video camera that a patient can swallow and that will take video pictures of the small intestine.
    FDA · 2002-03-01 · 初级
  • Jinxed Artificial Hip Component
    The FDA is warning about an artificial hip component called a "femoral head", which prompted a widespread recall by the manufacturer.
    FDA · 2002-03-01 · 初级
  • Skin Substitute for Diabetic Ulcers
    FDA has approved Dermagraft, a skin substitute that's used to help in the wound closure of diabetic foot ulcers.
    FDA · 2002-03-01 · 初级