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    Explaining China Air Quality Index
    ND · 2015-02-14 · 初级
  • Alzheimer's Disease Clinical Trials
    Dr. Laurie Ryan of the Division of Neuroscience at the National Institute on Aging (NIA) describes how clinical trials are advancing Alzheimer's research.
    NIH · 2015-01-06 · 初-中级
  • Organovo 3D Printing Liver Tissue
    Interview with Organovo CEO Keith Murphy to discuss the first viable 3-D printed liver, which could potentially save billions for pharmaceutical companies.
    CNBC · 2014-12-11 · 初级
  • Google Connecting Autism Scientists
    Google is collaborating with scientists around the world to construct an unprecedented project to increase understanding of autism.
    ABC · 2014-12-09 · 初级
  • Pregnancy Death & CVD Risk Linked
    Report on a major new study that reveals stroke and heart disease risks are causing pregnancy-related deaths.
    ABC · 2014-12-09 · 初级
  • ASH Fighting Blood Cancer
    Report on the latest drug presentations at the American Society of Hematology's annual meeting.
    CNBC · 2014-12-08 · 初级
  • Merck's Blockbuster $9.5b Deal
    Interview with Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier about his company's $9.5 billion acquisition of Cubist, and its commitment to the antibiotics space.
    CNBC · 2014-12-08 · 初级
  • Nanoparticles Key to Rare Diseases
    Midatech CEO Jim Phillips discusses his company's IPO and the nanoparticle technology with which he hopes to tackle diabetes and cancer, among other serious diseases.
    CNBC · 2014-12-08 · 初级
  • Vaccine Mismatches H3N2 Flu Strain
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has warned doctors about concerns regarding this season's flu strain.
    ABC · 2014-12-05 · 初级
  • Daily Aspirin Benefit Questioned
    Report on the possibility that daily aspirin could increase gastrointestinal bleeding while still helping to prevent cardiovascular disease.
    ABC · 2014-12-05 · 初级
  • BioMarin CEO Pitches Prosensa Bet
    BioMarin Pharma CEO Jean-Jacques Bienaime discusses his company's acquisition of Prosensa, as well as pipeline opportunities.
    CNBC · 2014-12-03 · 中级
  • Biogen's BIB 37 Rocks Alzheimer's
    Report on a promising new drug that could potentially help millions of Americans suffering from Alzheimer's disease.
    CNBC · 2014-12-03 · 初级
  • AstraZeneca M&A Targets Tech?
    SCRIP Intelligence Global Director of Content Mike Ward suggests that pharmaceutical companies might set its sights on the tech sector for M&A opportunities.
    CNBC · 2014-11-28 · 初级
  • Pfizer/AZN Deal Looks Improbable
    The likelihood of a Pfizer acquisition of AstraZeneca was substantially reduced following a tax inversion announcement.
    CNBC · 2014-11-28 · 初级
  • AZN CEO Thinks Pfizer Deal Doomed
    AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot believes Pfizer's acquisition bid would probably have "fallen apart".
    CNBC · 2014-11-28 · 初级
  • AZN CEO Is Europe Believer
    AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot reiterates his support for the European Union (EU), and his firm desire that the U.K. remain a member.
    CNBC · 2014-11-28 · 初级
  • Is Ebola Vaccine on Horizon?
    Discussion with NIH Director Dr. Anthony Fauci on an experimental Ebola vaccine taken by 20 healthy adults that safely stimulated immunity against Ebola.
    PBS · 2014-11-27 · 中级
  • Pfizer Renewing AZN Hunt?
    Report on the possibility that Pfizer may renew its pursuit of European drug giant AstraZeneca after a six-month cooling period expired.
    CNBC · 2014-11-26 · 初级
  • Calorie Counts Blitz Obesity Rates
    Interview with FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg on new requirements that restaurant chains and some vending machines display calorie counts.
    PBS · 2014-11-25 · 初级
  • Hot Gastroenterology Paradigm
    Dr. Juergen Siebler of University Hospital in Erlangen, Germany, discusses his experience with the Cios Alpha unit in a clinical gastroenterology setting.
    Siemens · 2014-11-20 · 初级
  • ACA Architect's Video Gaffe Stings
    Panel discussion centering on controversial comments by an MIT economist viewed as a central figure in the implementation of national healthcare reform.
    PBS · 2014-11-17 · 中级
  • "Strategic" Actavis Buys Allergan
    Analyst insight on the decision by Actavis to acquire Allergan for $65.5 billion.
    CNBC · 2014-11-17 · 初级
  • Allergan CEO Lauds Actavis Team
    Interview with Actavis CEO Brent Saunders and Allergan CEO David Pyott about their $66 billion tie-up and its impact on shareholders.
    CNBC · 2014-11-17 · 初级
  • Open ACA Enrollment Starts 11/15
    In this week's address, the President reminded Americans that Affordable Care Act open enrollment begins this weekend.
    Obama · 2014-11-15 · 初级
  • Smallest Pacemaker Implanted
    A hospital in Portland, Oregon, was the first to implant Medtronic's Micra, the world's smallest pacemaker.
    NBC · 2014-11-12 · 初级
  • Military Trials Ebola Vaccine
    The U.S. Army has fast-tracked human trials of a promising Ebola vaccine, as the epidemic ravages West Africa.
    Bloomberg · 2014-11-11 · 初级
  • Big Pharma Battles Liver Diseases
    Report on the 3 areas of liver treatment that Wall Street analysts and investors are focusing on at the Annual Liver Disease Conference.
    CNBC · 2014-11-10 · 初级
  • Can Obamacare Outlast GOP?
    News report on the Supreme Court decision to hear a second case challenging the Affordable Care Act, particularly the subsidies that underpin the law.
    ABC · 2014-11-09 · 中级
  • Liberian Ebola Facility Rooted
    The U.S. military is establishing a 25-bed critical care facility to treat medical workers infected with Ebola in Liberia.
    ABC · 2014-11-07 · 初级
  • Medical Scrubs Go High-Tech
    New medical scrubs use anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal copper ions to prevent infection in clinical settings.
    NBC · 2014-11-07 · 初级