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  • Colorectal Screening Risk Benefits
    Colorectal cancer screening, as measured by the adenoma detection rate (ADR), results in decreased colon cancer risk in the long term, as well as risk from dying from colorectal cancer.
    JAMA · 2015-06-17 · 初级
  • 03:10
    GLP-1 Alters Brain Response
    ADA · 2015-06-09 · 初-中级
  • Lixisenatide Cardio Safety Impact
    Report on cardiovascular concerns related to oral medications that help Type 2 diabetics reach their blood glucose targets.
    ADA · 2015-06-08 · 初-中级
  • 75th Scientific Sessions CEO Interview
    Interviews with new American Diabetes Association CEO Kevin Hagan, and Chief Scientific & Medical Officer Robert Ratner, at the Association's 75th Scientific Sessions in Boston.
    ADA · 2015-06-05 · 初级
  • What Is a BRCA Gene Mutation?
    Explanation of what BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes are, and how a mutation in either gene can lead to cancer.
    CDC · 2015-06-03 · 初级
  • Genomics Predict Anti-PD-1
    A Phase II study identified the first genomic marker – mismatch repair (MMR) deficiency – to predict response to the anti-PD-1 antibody pembrolizumab.
    ASCO · 2015-05-31 · 中级
  • BRCA Genes and Breast Cancer
    Overview of BRCA genes and their relationship to breast and ovarian cancer, including the inheritance of BRCA genes from our parents.
    CDC · 2015-05-28 · 初-中级
  • 02:26
    Managing Chemotherapy Side Effects
    LTV · 2015-05-27 · 初级
  • Physician Payment Reform
    Considering surging government, commercial and patient healthcare costs, ASCO is proposing reforms to curtail unsustainable growth.
    ASCO · 2015-05-16 · 中-高级
  • Rising Liver Cancer Incidence
    Dr Anna Mae Diehl, (Duke University Medical Center, Durham, USA) talks to ecancertv at AACR 2015 about how incidences of liver cancer are rising in the USA and what steps are being taken with targeted therapies to be used as a treatments.
    ecancer · 2015-05-05 · 初-中级
  • Computational Risk Assessment
    Explanation at AACR 2015 on how new computational methods can make the breast cancer screening process less invasive and more accurate.
    ecancer · 2015-05-05 · 中-高级
  • Device Sterilization Process
    Inside look at the Medical Devices Reprocessing Centre at Sunnybrook Hospital, including overview of the entire cleaning process.
    Sunnybrook · 2015-04-30 · 初级
  • ARF Jones Criteria Revision
    Dr. Michael Gewitz, announces the publication of "Revision of the Jones Criteria for the Diagnosis of Acute Rheumatic Fever in the Era of Doppler Echocardiography".
    AHA · 2015-04-23 · 初级
  • Genomic Neurostudy Data
    Hadley Bergstrom is a psychologist, studying in the Laboratory of Behavioral & Genomic Neuroscience. Hadley studies how habits and memories are formed, and is trying to better understand addiction.
    NIHOD · 2015-04-07 · 初-中级
  • Male vs Female Sexomes
    Discussion about understanding issues that are unique to disease in males and females.
    NIHOD · 2015-04-02 · 初-中级
  • Sex as Key Biological Variable
    Discussion on the importance of sex as a basic biological variable in pre-clinical research.
    NIHOD · 2015-04-02 · 初-中级
  • ALZ Disease Research Summit 2015
    NIH · 2015-03-23 · 初-中级
  • Alzheimer's Potential Trumpeted
    A new drug trial has provided preliminary evidence that it breaks down plaque in the brain and slows the rate of Alzheimer's progression.
    ABC · 2015-03-21 · 初级
  • Hospital Ebola Factor Screening
    Guidance for hospital emergency departments in developing standard procedures for screening patients with relevant travel history or symptoms consistent with Ebola.
    CDC · 2015-03-21 · 中级
  • Breast Biopsy DCIS Diagnosis
    The JAMA Network describes the experiences of women with a pre-invasive disease known as "ductal carcinoma in situ" (DCIS), which is not the same as a cancer diagnosis.
    JAMA · 2015-03-17 · 中级
  • Eczema and Dry Skin Remedies
    Presentation on 10 simple and effective home treatments for eczema and dry skin.
    Dr. Kiel · 2015-03-16 · 初级
  • Colorectal Subtype Consensus
    Elaboration on consolidating consensus around four biologically-distinct colorectal cancer subtypes with unique clinical and molecular markers, according to multiple classifiers.
    ESMO · 2015-03-11 · 中-高级
  • Updated NDC Directory Info
    FDA · 2015-03-11 · 初级
  • Heed the Nutrition Facts Label
    The FDA demonstrates where to locate key information on the Nutrition Facts Label found on packaged foods and beverages.
    FDA · 2015-03-11 · 初级
  • NSCLC Gene Terrain Evolves
    Discussion on the study of the whole-exome sequencing in NSCLC tumours, whose findings demonstrate spatial and temporal heterogeneity of driver mutations and copy number events.
    ESMO · 2015-03-09 · 初级
  • Patient-derived Xenografts
    Perspective on patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models of solid tumors, a powerful new research tool to study tumor biology, which reveals the potential utility of novel therapies.
    · 2015-03-09 · 初-中级
  • FDA Issues Low-T Drug Warning
    The Food and Drug Administration has issued new rules that require additional warnings on the possible increased risk of heart attack and stroke.
    ABC · 2015-03-04 · 初级
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder
    Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a significant mood disorder with depressive symptoms that are functionally disabling, with a significant change in a person's capacity to work or enjoy life.
    Mayo · 2015-03-04 · 初级
  • Treating DOCK8 Deficiency
    A new treatment breakthrough is giving hope to some people in whom defects in immune cells that protect the body result in constant and damaging infections.
    NIAID · 2015-02-25 · 中级
  • Obamacare Rollout Improving
    Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell discusses the unconventional tactics being used to incite millennials to sign up for healthcare coverage under Obamacare.
    MSNBC · 2015-02-19 · 中-高级