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  • Obama Pledges Fast Ebola Action
    President Barack Obama describes the U.S. response to the recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa.
    NBC · 2014-08-02 · 初级
  • NIH Ebola Vaccine Human Trials
    The National Institutes of Health (NIH) hopes to begin tests of an experimental Ebola vaccine in humans next month.
    CNN · 2014-08-01 · 初级
  • Birth Control Pills Hike Cancer Risk
    A new study provides evidence that birth control pills with high levels of estrogen may increase breast cancer risk by 50%.
    NBC · 2014-08-01 · 初级
  • AZN Q2'14 Revenue Tops $6b
    AstraZeneca raised its full-year forecast based upon reported second-quarter earnings of $6.45 billion.
    Bloomberg · 2014-07-31 · 初级
  • Catalent CEO Talks Drug Delivery
    Catalent Pharma Solutions CEO John Chiminski discusses his company's initial public offering and its market strategies.
    CNBC · 2014-07-31 · 中级
  • Aetna CEO Pans Obamacare
    Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini discusses the currently-visible implementation consequences of the Affordable Care Act.
    CNBC · 2014-07-30 · 高级
  • PFE Q2'14 Earnings Outperform
    Analyst discussion to summarize the current strong level of innovation, with Pfizer and Merck both beating on revenue and earnings.
    CNBC · 2014-07-29 · 初级
  • Pfizer CEO Urges Tax Reform
    Pfizer CEO Ian Read has called on the U.S. government to reform a tax code that encourages so-called "inversion" deals.
    CNBC · 2014-07-29 · 初级
  • U.S. Policy Hampers Innovation
    Discussion outlining how U.S.-based companies are disadvantaged by a tax code that assesses earnings twice.
    CNBC · 2014-07-29 · 初级
  • Merck & Pfizer Profits Beat Street
    Report on earnings from Pfizer and Merck, whose CEO Ken Frazier rejected the possibility that his company would undertake a so-called "inversion" deal.
    CNBC · 2014-07-29 · 初级
  • Novel Polo-like Kinase Targeting
    Polo-like kinases, particularly Plk1, have attracted intered in the hematology-oncology community for being highly active in cancer cells.
    Oncology · 2014-07-28 · 中级
  • Sierra Leone Ebola Chief Infected
    Sierra Leone's leading Ebola physician has himself contracted the deadly virus.
    ABC · 2014-07-24 · 初级
  • Lilly Hunting Small Acquisitions
    Eli Lilly CEO John Lechleiter says his company plans to build its footprint through smaller acquisitions.
    CNBC · 2014-07-24 · 初级
  • GSK's Breo & Anoro Disappoint
    Analyst discussion related to the disappointing performance of GSK's Breo and Anoro Ellipta, which were intended to be the successors to popular Advair Diskus.
    CNBC · 2014-07-23 · 初级
  • Feds "Confident" in ACA Legality
    White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest offers the White House's response to a federal court ruling that health plans cannot be subsidized in states without marketplaces.
    NBC · 2014-07-22 · 初级
  • Conflicting Rulings Disrupt ACA
    Federal appeals courts in Washington, D.C., and Richmond, Virginia, have issued conflicting rulings Affordable Care Act implementation.
    PBS · 2014-07-22 · 高级
  • Court Rulings Create ACA Flap
    Report on the conflicting appeals court rulings that cast doubt over the legality of billions of dollars of government subsidies under Obamacare.
    CNBC · 2014-07-22 · 初级
  • Still Waiting for AIDS Vaccine
    Researchers believe that developing an AIDS vaccine is made more difficult because the virus hijacks the body's own immune system.
    NBC · 2014-07-21 · 初级
  • AbbVie-Shire Tax Implications
    Discussion on the impending transatlantic merger of AbbVie and Shire, including potential tax implications.
    CNBC · 2014-07-18 · 初级
  • Novartis Q2'14 Profit Slumps
    Analysis of Novartis's declining second-quarter sales and profit figures, with a discussion about its deal with Google to develop smart contact lenses.
    Bloomberg · 2014-07-17 · 中级
  • Novartis Misses Profit Estimates
    Analysis of the Novartis Q2'14 earnings report, including a deal with Google to market smart contact lenses.
    Bloomberg · 2014-07-17 · 初级
  • Novartis/Google Lens Buzz
    Novartis has reported that its second-quarter profit slightly missed analyst estimates, with declining sales and worsening vaccine division performance.
    Bloomberg · 2014-07-17 · 中级
  • Novo CEO Flags ACA Deductibles
    Novo Nordisk CEO Lars Sorensen provides insight on how Affordable Care Act deductibles may prove unaffordable for diabetics.
    CNBC · 2014-07-17 · 中级
  • J&J CEO: Divestitures Possible
    Johnson & Johnson Chief Executive Officer Alex Gorsky discusses his company's widely-varied businesses and the possibility of divestitures and acquisitions.
    Bloomberg · 2014-07-15 · 初级
  • J&J Tops 1 Billion Users Daily
    Report on Johnson & Johnson growth as the world's top healthcare products maker.
    Bloomberg · 2014-07-15 · 初级
  • Smell Problems Hint Alzheimer's?
    Researchers have discovered that problems with sense of smell may be an early indicator of Alzheimer's disease.
    CNN · 2014-07-14 · 初级
  • Big Pharma's Battling Alzheimer's
    Report on the latest drug development from the biggest players in the Alzheimer's market.
    CNBC · 2014-07-11 · 初级
  • Sanofi CEO Spotlights Chronic Illness
    Sanofi CEO Chris Viehbacher believs that chronic ailments such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes are driving innovation.
    CNBC · 2014-07-08 · 初级
  • AbbVie Sweetens Bid for Shire
    Report on AbbVie's increased takeover offer of more than $51 billion for U.K.-based Shire.
    CNBC · 2014-07-08 · 初级
  • Pfizer Lab Detects Counterfeits
    Report on a visit to Pfizer's Global Research Lab, where scientists test drugs sold online to detect counterfeiting.
    CNBC · 2014-07-03 · 初级