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筛选器【名词】1. 滤器,滤纸,过滤用料[砂、炭等]; 2. 【无线电】滤波器;【物理学】滤光镜,滤色器;【及物动词】过滤,用过滤法除去;【不及物动词】1. 过滤; 2. 渗入,(消息)走漏; 3. (英国)(车辆在十字路口)开入另一车道


1. a device for eliminating or separating certain elements, as (a) particles of certain size from a solution, or (b) rays of certain wavelength from a stream of radiant energy. 2. to cause such separation or elimination. membrane filter a filter made up of a thin film of collodion, cellulose acetate, or other material, available in a wide range of defined pore sizes, the smaller ones being capable of retaining all the known viruses. Millipore filter trademark for a device used to filter nutrient solutions as they are administered intravenously. vena cava filter (vena caval filter) a filter used in the inferior vena cava to prevent pulmonary embolism.

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