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机制【名词】1. (机械)结构;机械装置[作用];(故事的)结构; 2. 【哲学】机械论; 3. 【文艺】手法;技巧;途径; 4. (自然现象等的)作用过程;【化学】历程; 5. 【生物学】机制,机能;【音乐】机理【心理学】作用机理


1. a machine or machinelike structure. 2. the manner of combination of parts, processes, or other aspects that carry out a common function. 3. the theory that the phenomena of life are based on the same physical and chemical laws that govern inorganic matter, as opposed to vitalism. coping m's conscious or unconscious strategies or mechanisms that a person uses to cope with stress or anxiety including turning to a comforting person for love and support, self-discipline, acting out or working off tension, talking and expressing feelings by crying or laughing, and also unconscious defense mechanisms, such as avoidance and rationalization. defense mechanism see defense mechanism.

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