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【1名词】1. 带,绳;箍;嵌条;镶边;锯条; 2. 束缚,羁绊;义务 3. 【建筑】带形装饰,带花;【生物学】横纹; 4. 【物理学】频带,波段;光带;【机械工程】调带;【地质学;地理学】夹层;【无线电】波段; 5. (装订)钉书线,缀线; 【及物动词】1. 用带捆扎; 2. 在…上加条饰[镶边]


1. a part, structure, or appliance that binds; for anatomical structures, see frenulum, tenia, trabecula, and vinculum. 2. in dentistry, a thin metal strip fitted around a tooth or its roots. 3. in histology, a zone of a myofibril of striated muscle. 4. in cytogenetics, a segment of a chromosome stained brighter or darker than the adjacent bands; used in identifying the chromosomes and in determining the exact extent of chromosomal abnormalities. Called Q-bands, G-bands, C-bands, T-bands, etc., according to the staining method used. A band the dark-staining zone of a sarcomere, whose center is traversed by the H band.

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