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按摩【名词】1. 按摩(术),推拿(法); 2. 【计算机】(数据等的)窜改; 【及物动词】1. 按摩,推拿; 2. 【计算机】(电子计算机)处理,分理;窜改(数据); 3. 精心培植(人事关系)


systematic therapeutic stroking or kneading of the body. cardiac massage intermittent compression of the heart by pressure applied either over the sternum (closed cardiac massage) or directly to the heart through an opening in the chest wall (open cardiac massage). simple massage in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as stimulation of the skin and underlying tissues with varying degrees of hand pressure to decrease pain, produce relaxation, and/or improve circulation. vibratory massage massage by rapidly repeated light percussion with a vibrating hammer or sound.

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