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气球【名词】1. 轻气球,气球;气罐; 2. 【纺织;印染】气圈; 3. 【建筑】球饰; 4. 【化学】球形大烧瓶; 5. (漫画中人物的)讲话引线; 【不及物动词】1. 用[坐]气球上升; 2. 膨胀如气球; 3. 激增; 4. (美国)(演员)忘记台词; 【及物动词】使充气,使膨胀如气球


1. An inflatable spheric or ovoid device used to retain tubes or catheters in, or provide support to, various body structures. 2. A distensible device used to stretch or occlude a viscus or blood vessel. 3. To distend a body cavity with a gas or fluid to facilitate its examination, dilate a structure, occlude a lumen, or create a space for a retroperitoneal, laparoscopic procedure. [Fr. ballon, fr. It. ballone, fr. balla, ball, fr. Germanic]
n. Medicine An inflatable device that is inserted into a body cavity or structure and distended with air or gas for therapeutic purposes, such as angioplasty.

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