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CancerLinQ Shaping Future of Cancer Care

American Society of Clinical Oncology - May 31, 2016 New technology platform harnesses Big Data to connect and analyze electronic medical records.


Announcer: Last year, about 1.7 million people in the United States were diagnosed with cancer. Each of these people had their own stories, with individual characteristics, treatment regimens and outcomes, information that was locked away in silos of electronic health records. What if there was a way to connect these silos and give oncologists like you access to the real-world data they store? That's the idea behind CancerLinQ, a powerful technology platform that harnesses Big Data to improve the quality of care for people with cancer. CancerLinQ connects and analyzes electronic records to provide data you can use to make more informed decisions. It was developed by leading oncologists with the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), along with SAP, to provide access to a wealth of clinical information that until now was inaccessible. CancerLinQ generates usable, searchable real-time information you can retrieve from your desktop, laptop or mobile device, giving you the ability to compare actual care you are providing for your patients against guidelines, helping you give them quality care regardless of community and setting. CancerLinQ can explore patterns and trends across patient characteristics that will help you coordinate and improve the care for your patients. CancerLinQ gives you the ability to identify the best evidence-based course of care by allowing you to compare your patients' care against data from patients like them. At every step of the cancer experience, you and your patients can contribute to, and gain from, the continuous learning cycle CancerLinQ makes possible. CancerLinQ makes the wisdom of the entire oncology community available to you at every patient visit. This technology is in development for use in practices today, building on the potential to deliver high-quality evidence-based care more efficiently than ever. This will be the way we treat people living with cancer for generations to come. Be part of it! Go to CancerLinQ.org to learn more. Ask for a live demonstration so you can see how CancerLinQ can work for you and your patients.

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