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D4A Metabolite Fights Prostate Cancer

Cleveland Clinic - February 24, 2016 阿比特龙代谢产物D4A对晚期前列腺癌有更强效的作用。 Steroid inhibitor abiraterone metabolized into D4A kills aggressive prostate cancer cells more effectively.


Announcer: Metabolite of cancer drug more potent than original drug
Narrator: Abiraterone (Zytiga) [Janssen] is an effective drug used for advanced prostate cancer. The drug blocks the synthesis of male hormones that fuel tumor growth. The team led by Dr. Nima Sharifi found that when patients take abiraterone (Zytiga) [Janssen], enzymes in the body converted to an even more potent hormone-blocking metabolite called "D4A".
Dr. Nima Sharifi, Oncologist, Cleveland Clinic: That's the direction where we're headed, is to see if we can actually increase the levels of D4A, so we can get better responses, and patients could perhaps live longer.
Narrator: Dr. Sharifi also found that the enzyme that converts abiraterone to D4A varies among individuals, and genetics may decide how much D4A they make.
NS: So, there are multiple next steps. One is to see if they make more D4A, do they have better tumor responses? The other step is to see if there's a relationship between their individual genetics and tumor response.
Narrator: Dr. Sharifi's findings will ultimately lead to personalized treatment plans and improved outcomes for patients with advanced prostate cancer.

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